The Grump on the Stump


The Grump on the Stump is the first of a collection of books written by Jenny Dew and published by Paralight Publishing as part of the Dew Crew Books collection.  The artwork has been created at Sandman Studios, a visual effects, animation and illustration company which has worked with Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and many other entertainment companies and has worked on a broad range of projects including Race to Witch Mountain, The Game Plan, Scooby Doo 2, Pushing Daisies, Trauma, and many more.  The partnership with Paralight Publishing, Dew Crew Books and Sandman Studios allows for stunningly visual development of projects and powerful messages which not only entertain but teach and heal.  The goals of these books are to engage children and teach great values and lessons that help parents and children work together to heal and create long-lasting relationships and trust.  Here are several reviews of The Grump on the Stump by educators and therapists:


cropped-grump_banner2A grumpy girl overcomes her own behaviors and sees herself for who she is, a wonderful young girl.

“As a therapist working with wounded children and adults I am always looking for powerful healing tools that speak to a child’s soul and heart. In the grand tradition of Dr. Seuss, these stories do just that. With a whimsical flare they cut through all the painful layers of resistance a child manifests just to survive and opens them up to the possibility for hope, healing and happiness. These books will definitely be in my tool box of solutions for life’s problems. I love them!”
-Jennie Murdock, LCSW

“I highly recommend this book to all parents of difficult children and others who struggle with helping their young ones understand the useless feelings of holding on to anger and defiance.”
-K. Max Park, LMFT Attachment Specialist

“The students can relate to the feelings expressed in this book, as well as the characters’ emotions. It has the perfect amount of humor and teaches a valuable lesson that kids, parents, and teachers will all enjoy. I love this story!”
-Jillian Willhite, Third Grade Teacher

“A great book that teaches children about angry feelings.”
-Jenny Bailey, Third Grade Teacher


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